Caregiving Strategies Handbook

Caregiving Strategies are a collection of educational resources that have been developed and/or curated for family and friend caregivers who provide care and support for seniors experiencing frailty.

The Caregiving Strategies Handbook: Providing Care and Support for a Senior Living with Frailty was developed for family and friend caregivers who support seniors experiencing frailty. Created with advice from caregivers across Ontario, this handbook has been reviewed by health care professionals.
Research demonstrates that frailty may be prevented, postponed, or reversed. By applying strategies, you can support resilience, encourage independence, and enhance quality of life.

The handbook is organized into eight chapters. Each chapter provides:
• Background on a clinical topic
• Strategies that support caregiving
• Tips for how to communicate with professionals
• Resources for further support.

Each chapter includes important tips in boxes that:
• Challenge some of the common myths
• Share facts caregivers need to know
• Provide tools that can be printed out.