General Guidance – Pandemic Planning and Specialized Geriatric Services

This document summarizes emerging advice and experience from the field, including guidance for community based care of older adults living with frailty.

General approaches from the field

  • Cancellation of routine in-person clinic or home visits
  • Telephone triage to determine risk of hospitalization/deterioration/isolation
  • Active reach-out to family and friend caregivers to provide support to patients who will not be receiving usual care (e.g. support for technology based assessment, direct support for groceries, personal care etc.)
  • E-consults, video or telephone based screening for risk of hospitalization/deterioration/isolation, as required
  • Targeted assessment (focused assessment on specific areas of concern) using appropriate means (video, telephone or in home) as feasible
  • Home visits, only as required based on urgency. If conducting in-home visits
    • Follow all organizational policy regarding home visiting and universal precautions (current guidance on PPE is emerging, please confirm with your local public health unit)
    • Telephone screening prior to visit
    • At-the-door screening of patient AND family members who are present prior to entry
    • Avoid visiting multiple homes in a day