Pandemic Planning and Services Supports – Older Adults Living With Complexity

Pandemic Planning (COVID-19)

Older Adults Living With Complex Health Concerns

This information has been compiled to support the continued delivery of care to older adults living with complex health conditions (e.g. frailty), during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Especially at this time, it is important to maintain and in many cases to enhance care to this population, as older adults with complex health conditions are uniquely susceptible to adverse outcomes resulting from gaps in care and reduction in essential services. This can lead to long-term morbidity and premature institutionalization of individuals.

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Pandemic (COVID-19) Resources – Older Adults Living With Frailty (searchable)

Specific Tools/Information for Specialized Geriatric Services

Reports/Ideas from the field (specific initiatives) – COVID 19 and SGS – v 2020 Mar 19

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SGS In Home Screening Tool Guide – Updated Mar 27 2020

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